Posted: 31 October, 2016

What Are The Judges Looking For On Fashions On The Field this Year?

Nail this, and you could be winning some AWESOME prizes!

Get your squad together and spend Melbourne Cup Day with us at the Bunbury Turf Club for HOT FM's Fashion On The Field! Don't be late, it starts 11:30 am SHARP!

This year, we have some seriously amazing prizes up for grabs worth over $4000, check out those prizes here

But the question is, what will the judges be looking for in our winners? Here's a quick guide to help you win! 


  • Etiquette for entering FOTF
  • Have fun!
  • Smiling is beautiful...Do lots of it
  • Be a gracious and friendly competitor
  • Enter FOTF with a good attitude and see it as the fun and confidence building activity it truly is.
  • Our judges are passionate FOTF professionals with a wealth of experience. Be courteous and respectful of the judges decisions.
  • You don’t need a sash to make you feel fabulous! 
  • You are already Fabulous! 


  • Appropriateness of the outfit
  • Understanding and interpretation of the current fashion trends
  • Grooming and deportment
  • Style and originality
  • Attention to overall detail 


Here's some basic styling tips! The DO's and DONT's:

  • DO dress appropriately and stick to race wear etiquette.
  • DO Think classy, sophisticated and head to toe style
  • DO think well cut dresses that fall to the knee or contemporary takes on classic styles
  • If you opt for a low neckline or off the shoulder then the hemline should be below the knee. It’s all about balance when dressing for the races
  • DON'T wear outfits more suited for the nightclub. Leave the short skirts, revealing tops, midriffs and sequins for the evening
  • DO wear a headpiece or hat
  • DO carry a clutch or appropriate handbag
  • DO wear suitable shoes
  • DO remember to bring a jacket or pashmina to cover up when the sun begins to set. You don’t want to be cold at the end of the day 

Good lucks guys! We'd love to see you there at the Bunbury turf Club for Melbourne Cup Day, Tuesday the 1st of November. 11:30am sharp! 

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