Posted: 13 October, 2016

The Capel Cougar: The Story So Far...

The Capel Cougar is a myth that has been around for decades, so for those that don’t know, here’s the story so far.


The backstory of this elusive feline is a little hazy but the two most popular theories are as follows:

  1. Two big cats were a part of a travelling circus throughout the South West and somehow the two escaped around the Capel and made off into the bush around 30 years ago. They have managed to survive on livestock and other wildlife.
  2. After World War 2, American soldiers were taking big cats around in their tours as mascots for the army. They had two cougar cubs but unfortunately when it came time to head back America, the soldiers realized they weren’t allowed to bring the cats back through customs so they let them go in the Capel region.

Depending on which story you believe, there may be more than one of these crafty cougars out in the wild, but for the past 30 years sightings of large cats wondering through the South West have been reported and documented.

There have been news stories on sheep being mauled by something bigger than any kind of dog and disappearing chickens which have led farmers to conclude that is the work of none other than the Capel Cougar.

There has also been a Facebook page set up to document any sightings and information to do with this mysterious case called The Capel Cougar.

So remember, stay vigilant of any rustlings or big yellow eyes in the bush next time you pass through Capel.

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