Posted: 11 October, 2016

Square Droplets Are A Thing!

Call Mulder and Scully… if they solved weird weather based anomalies.


In Moodiarrup, which is about 2 hours away from Bunbury has had some fairly weird weather and not in the usual “Oh there’s been so much rain lately, what weird weather.” kinda way, more of the “Um, hey, have you noticed how the rain drops are all squares?” kinda way.

That is correct. The rain drops that are falling in Moodiarrup are squares!

Could this be the work of something supernatural? Are greater powers at play? Will we ever get the answers to our many questions? Yes, probably. The photo is taken on a trampoline that has distinctively square patterned mesh which would mean that the water has squared itself off.

Solved. Done. Case closed. Don’t forget to lock the door on the way out. 

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