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Entrance to Bunbury Gets A New Look

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Bunbury's getting a new footbridge!!

The design of the new eye-catching Koombana Bay pedestrian bridge was unveiled by the State Government today.

Artist impressions show the structure has been shaped to evoke the image of a ship’s hull, paying tribute to the shipwrecks that are buried under the shores of Koombana Bay.

Creative lighting will be used to illuminate the bridge at night, creating an attractive and safe passageway for locals and visitors to use as they make their way between the city and waterfront.

Using Royalties for Regions funds, the new bridge will replace the former railway and current pedestrian bridge.

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman said it will form part of stage one of the Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront project.

“Along with the redeveloped Dolphin Discovery Centre, the bridge will help to create an iconic entrance into Bunbury,” Mr Redman said.

“The new bridge will provide visitors with an enticing link between the city centre, Koombana Bay beach and foreshore, and the Dolphin Discovery Centre; as well as enhance the experience for locals who walk, run and cycle around Leschenault Inlet.”

“The overall Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront project is an important investment for Royalties for Regions that will help Bunbury reach its potential, producing long-term community and economic benefits,” the Minister said.

Tags: Bunbury, Koombana Bay, Royalties For Regions, bridge

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