Posted: 24 November, 2016 by Loz

A Good News Story Out of The Northcliffe Bushfires

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The Februrary 2015 bushfires in the Northcliffe were a horrible event, but locals have turned it around and shone a positive light on it.

I'm talking about an art project known as "Rising From the Ashes".

A local artist has gone about carving the faces and figures of over 40 residents into trees throughout the region, spedifically along the Understory Art & Nature Trail.

The man behind the craft is Bridgetown artist Kim Perrier, who has worked closely with the Northcliffe and Windy Harbour communities over many months to create the pieces.


It's particularly relevant as we head into this year's bush fire season, but even better because it's a good news story. 

It shows a resilient Southwest community using creativity as a means to commemorating and transforming a catastrophic event.

The project has given locals the opportunity to acknowledge the signficiant losses as a result of the fire, give thanks to those that came to help while also looking forward together to the future.

The 2015 Northcliffe Bushfire was declared a natural disaster and up until that point in time had been the largest fire in the history of the south west.

The works will be officially launched as part of the Act-Belong-Commit Southern Forest Arts festival this Saturday at 12.30pm.

Tags: Northcliffe, fires, commemoration, art

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