Posted: 8 November, 2016

Sam Frost's Brother Embarrassed Her On National Radio

"Aren't you SO EMBARRASSED?!"

Yesterday was just a normal day, until Sam Frost received a text message making her very aware of something her younger brother Alex had done.

What Sam received, was a little bit of audio that said, "Hi, it's Alex Frost here and I want to dedicate my love to Nikki, she's pretty angry at me at the moment and I just wanted to publicly say I love you."

Sam Frost's brother Alex had called the nightly program Osher's Love Line to request a love song for his girlfriend.

So Sam called Alex live on the show to confront him about not only embarrassing himself, but completely mortifying her.

Plus, she sneakily gets Alex's girlfriend Nikki on the line to try and uncover the reason for the public apology.

Check it out in the full video.

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