Posted: 3 November, 2016

Sam Frost Played Match Maker With Producer Codie, But There's A Twist

Those poor guys!

Producer Codie is pretty unlucky when it comes to love, so Sam Frost decided to put her Bachelorette dating skills to good use and help set her up.

So Sam sent out a video on the Rove and Sam socials calling for eligible bachelors to get in touch for our office hottie, which received over 2,000 responses!

The two lucky gents chosen were (super tall) Mitch and Alec, who were invited into the city to take Producer Codie out on a brunch date.

But, it wouldn't be a Sam Frost special without a little bit of cheeky fun, so she decided to add a little bit of a twist.

For the dates, Producer Codie wore a secret earpiece in which Sam told her everything to do and say while on the dates with Mitch and Alec.

How did Codie do? Find out in the videos!

Now it's up to Codie to decide which of the guys she would like to see for a real date, but in true Sam Frost fashion, there will be ANOTHER twist! What will it be? Find out on the show tomorrow. 

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