Posted: 20 October, 2016

Mother Of Autistic Children Explain What Davidson Family Of Four Experienced

"I cried because I knew where it came from."

Sydney is still reacting to the sad news of the Davidson family of four, who were found deceased in their home on Monday.

Many people are speculating the stress of dealing with the children's autism is a major factor which lead to the tragic gassing.

Rove and Sam spoke to Fiona Brown, a mother of two autistic children, who explained what parents Fernando Manrique and Maria Claudia Lutz would have experienced for the last 11 years.

"No-one prepares you for how to deal with a child with autistism." Fiona explained to Rove and Sam "Lucky for me I have a great support network, but not everyone has that. What about a single parent with a child with autism?"

"I cried when I heard the story, because I could see where it came from." Fiona said "My children are high functioning autistic children and from what I have read, their children were not, they were non verbal and they've been dealing with that for 11 years."

"We need a crisis care line that will give real, practical support. Not just someone to talk to."

If you are needing help, contact or call 131114.


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