Posted: 13 October, 2016

Joshua Sasse Discusses Say I Do Down Under With Rove and Sam

"Australia is the last English speaking country to get on board."

After Rove and Sam posted a photo wearing their Say I Do Down Under T Shirts, they were thrilled when the official instagram account reposted their photo. 

Joshua Sasse, the founder of Say I Do Down Under spoke to Rove and Sam about why he decided to spearhead the campaign.

"Australia is such a forward thinking country" Joshua explained "And I think people are just shocked that Australia is so far behind."

"Australia is the last English speaking country to get on board with marriage equality."

Since the Say I Do Down Under campaign kicked off, the internet has been flooded with images of celebrities jumping on board to show their support, including Joshua's fiance Kylie Minogue, Ellen Degeneres, Ellie Goulding and Margot Robbie on SNL.

"She's such a hero for doing that, I've got the picture up on my wall!" Joshua Sasse said of Margot Robbie wearing her shirt on SNL "It means so much to me, her doing that."

Joshua Sasse and Kylie Minogue have announced that they will wait until marriage equality is made legal in Australia before tying the knot down under themselves. "I don't know what everyone else is doing, but that's something Kylie and I have decided to do" Joshua explained "It's just not fair."

Kylie also made it official on her Twitter that she refuses to marry until all Australians can.

To help support this wonderful cause, order your shirt from the Say I Do Down Under website now.

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