Posted: 2 December, 2016 by News

It's True! TRAVEL Is The Secret To True Happiness!

We knew it!

Forget your wedding or buying a house (ha!) it seems travel is the secret to happiness.

A study by has revealed almost half of people say a holiday brings them more happiness than their wedding day and the majority of people prefer travelling over doing on a date!

The research, which questioned 17,000 people from 17 countries, revealed that for the majority, travel experiences, brings more lasting happiness than material things (70%). Which explains why most people (56%) prioritise holidays over possessions such as clothes, jewellery and gadgets while almost half (48%) rank travel over home improvements.

Yet, all the anticipation in the world can’t replace the happiness of actually being on holiday with six out of ten (62%) feeling a surge of happiness when they set their out of office and leave work. Almost nine out of ten (87%) say it’s the first day of a holiday that are the happiest holiday moments.

So if there’s a lesson any of us can learn here – it’s you should def travel in 2017! 

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