Posted: 23 November, 2016 by Sohan Judge

McDonald’s Is Testing Out Some Exciting Services Right Now

Tags: McDonald's, Maccas

In a bid to compete with burger rivals, McDonald’s is testing out some new services as part of its “experience of the future” concept.

First it was touch-screen kiosk ordering, which has already rolled out in Australia – and now they will be trialling table service in the US. 

Chicago and a handful of other big US cities will be the first to get table waiters, but McDonald’s say the entire concept will be unveiled to the rest of the world very soon.

Customers will be able to order using a touch screen kiosk, and will receive a bluetooth-enabled number placard to a table where a waiter will bring the food.

Apparently the “experience of the future" plan has shown significant success in Australia so far, so hopefully it won’t be too long until it completely rolls out here!

Tags: McDonald's, Maccas

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