Posted: 7 November, 2016 by @Nikki_Markovics

Aussies will spend HOW much on Christmas Presents

Ladies more generous than blokes

It feels like we just got over Easter, but time to get your head around this:

There are 48 days 'till Christmas and Aussies are expected to spend up a storm on gifts.

We're expected to spend $9.7B on presents, that's 28 per cent more on last year.

That works out to about $119 per adult and women are expected to be more generous than the blokes.

Many have already got a head start on the buying, with more than five million Aussies admitting to starting their Christmas shopping as of October 2016 or earlier. 

As for the average amount we're expected to splash this year - $539 - that's up $120 from last year.

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