Posted: 4 October, 2016 by News

You're Actually $10,000 Richer If You're In A Relationship


Being single certainly has its struggles (think dating, cooking for one, & Valentine's Day to name a few), but did you know it's also chewing through your bank account? 

 A recent poll from VoucherCodesPro found that those living the single life spend close to $10k more a year than those in relationships!



With singles averaging spends of $250 a week, it's almost 4 times that of someone in a relationship who spends $65p/wk.


The main reasons for the higher outlays are takeaways, restaurant food and nights out, followed closely by clothing.


Researchers have also found that singletons drink almost 3 times more than their loved-up counterparts, spending roughly 2.5 times more a week on booze. 


They put it down to the fact that couples regularly split their bills, whereas the single population focus more so on looking good and going out.


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