Posted: 14 October, 2016 by Sohan Judge

GREAT NEWS: It’s Safe To Eat Eggs Every Day

Excellent news for egg lovers!

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Everyone seems to think that eggs are bad for you in large quantities as they are bad for your cholesterol. However, this has all been disproven in a new study by the CSIRO.

Recent research has confirmed once and for all that eggs are safe to eat on a daily basis – so your options for breakfast just increased!

The study was done on more than 84,000 Australians, and showed that egg consumption resulted in a number of positive health outcomes. Professor Manny Noakes from the CSIRO said, “those that were eating eggs were having more vegetables and less discretionary or junk food.

“There’s certainly other research that shows having a good high protein breakfast can help reduce your overall intake over the day and minimise snacking.”

Eggs are a pretty low-kilojoule protein source, and they also provide vitamins and minerals. Professor Noakes also revealed that the yolks of eggs are incredibly dense in nutrients, so the trend of only eating egg whites needs to be canned.

Interestingly, the demographic that is seeing less egg consumption is the one that would benefit the most – the elderly. It’s also probably your grandma advising you to stay away from them, but now you know they are the ones that require the nutrients found in eggs the most. 

Tags: eggs, breakfast, science, CSIRO

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