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Dreamworld Boss Defends Parent Company CEO, Deborah Thomas

"In some cases, we are the last people that they want to speak to"

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Dreamworld's CEO Craig Davidson has defended the actions of the park's parent company Ardent Leisure, and its CEO Deborah Thomas. 

Craig Davidson says both he and Thomas had been doing their best to reach out to the families. 

"We had to follow a process to do that. We had to go through [police] liaison officers and we had to do it sensitively [because] frankly.. and I understand this completely.. we in some cases are the last people that they want to speak to"

Thomas has been slammed, after members of the grieving families pulled her up via a journalist at a press conference, to say they hadn't heard from anyone to say 'sorry' for Tuesday's tragedy: 

"We've got to give them time, but we've now touched base with each family representative now. I, myself, have spoken to them and Deborah Thomas has spoken to them - and I've been there in the room when she's been doing that, it's bloody tough - and the response back has been unbelievable". 

Moving forward, Davidson says it's about focusing on looking after the families and all those who have been affected. 

"Secondly, we cooperate fully with the investigation. Every single aspect of it. Without question. We need to find out what happened with this terrible tragedy."

He's also confirmed that while the public memorial day (planned for today) has been cancelled, due to police operations, the private service for staff members will still go ahead. 

There'll also be a public candlelight vigil tonight at the Dreamworld carpark. 

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