Posted: 18 October, 2016

Details About Moe Stabbing Revealed

A Victorian financial planner who stabbed his bosses before killing himself has been identified as Carl Richardson.

Yesterday Mr Richardson turned up to work as usual at RGM Financial Group in Moe on Monday and within half an hour stabbed two of his bosses.

He was later found dead in a nearby town after taking his own life. 

The 48-year-old father of two was  described to The Age as a “down-to-earth lovely bloke” by a friend who wished to remain anonymous.

"They are all in shock, the wife is shocked, the kids are shocked," he said.

"They can't understand what happened.

"He's never been in trouble in his life. None of us know why."

Mr Richardson had not displayed any suspicious behaviour, nor had he spoken badly of his employers.

His victims included Joe Auciello, a 31-year-old who was stabbed first, slashed to the neck and mouth and Pearse Morgan, a 58-year-old who was stabbed in his left eye, abdomen and arm.

Both men are currently in hospital but are in stable conditions.

Inspector Dean Thomas said the attack was out-of-character, and did not believe threats or altercations had occurred previously in the office.

"It was very traumatic, everyone was severely stressed," Inspector Thomas said.

"They were all taken by surprise and everyone did what they could to survive and assist others

"We're just trying to piece it all together to understand the motive."

About 15 people were in the office at the time.

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