Posted: 28 October, 2016 by @clairesherwood_

Aus Families Better Off On Welfare Than At Work

Minister admits it's a disincentive to work

Thousands of families are reportedly better claiming government benefits, than they would be getting a job. 

A report in today's Australian reveals they can recieve at least $45,000 a year tax free, which works out to be more than the take-home pay of most workers. 

The calulations are based on a single parent of 4 children who recieves the basic parenting payment, as well as energy supplements, pharmacy allowance and rent assistance. On top of that, they're entitled to cash in on Family Tax Benefits A and B. All up, it comes to a tax-free $52,523 a year. 

According to Australian National Univesity stats, the median full-time wage is sitting at $61,300. After tax, it leaves employees with $49,831.

If we look at the overall median wage (including part time workers), though, it equates to just $39,841 take-home after tax. 

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