Posted: 26 October, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Apparently Dreamworld’s Thunder River Rapids Ride Should Have Been Closed For Maintenance

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‘Thunder River Rapids’, a family-friendly ride at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast has claimed the lives of four people in a horrific and tragic accident.

It has been confirmed that the incident took place after a malfunction and is being described as the worst tragedy in Australia’s theme park disaster since 1979, when seven people died in a fire on Sydney’s Luna Park ‘Ghost Train’.

Now it appears that the ride was scheduled for annual maintenance on Tuesday, October 25 – the exact day the accident took place – and was set to reopen on the 31st of October when engineers gave it a green light. The schedule was seen on Dreamworld’s official website, but has since disappeared, replaced with “dates currently not available.”

A spokesperson for Dreamworld told that the ride’s annual safety audit was undertaken three days prior.

Punters at Dreamworld reported some worrying problems with ‘Thunder River Rapids’, with one woman telling 9 News“We were waiting there for about half an hour and engineers had to come. They drained all the water out and then had to refill it back  up, and then we were allowed to go. But, yeah, we were stuck there for about 30-40 minutes at least.”

At a police press conference yesterday, a spokesman responded to the alleged issues. “I’m not aware, but that will be part of the investigation and that will be one of the aspects we will be looking at.”

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Tags: Dreamworld, accident, ride, thunder, river, rapids, maintenance, death

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