Disney’s Next Sequel Is Set To Wreck The Internet!

Disney has announced the next original flick they are going to slap with a second edition and we’re obviously KEEEEEEN!


Macca’s To Start Selling Meat Pies!

YOU BEAUTY! Macca’s has decided to go full Australia and start trialling meat pies on their menu!


Jennifer Aniston Doesn’t Need To Wear A Bra

If anyone can go braless and pull it off it’s Jennifer Aniston!


Seth Rogan Just Did His Own Kanye ‘Famous’ Photoshoot And Replaced Taylor Swift…With His Sausage?

Seth Rogan is a man on a mission! A Yeezus of a mission you could say!


This Throwback Pic Of Margot Robbie Proves She Didn’t Always Look like She Does!

Margot Robbie, easily has to be one of the sexiest and most beautiful women on the planet but has that always been the case?


Ariana Grande’s Harry Potter Birthday Surprise!

A little less conversation and a little more Harry Potter rap…


Is This Calvin Harris' NEW Taylor Swift?

Calvin Harris was completely shocked and rocked by his break-up with Taylor Swift, but did he just find her replacement?


Fifth Harmony Just SLAYED A Destiny's Child Hit

Fifth Harmony just stepped their talents to a whole new level, belting out Destiny's Child like they could totally fit right in with Bey and her crew.


The Hills Is Set To Return To TV

Is this the evidence we all needed to prove that The Hills is returning to TV? We think so!


Meet The Girls Who Will Be Competing On The Bachelor

The first look of The Bachelor is here and we are already obsessed… this could be the best season yet!


Justin Bieber Almost Went To Jail

Someone was watching out for Justin Bieber this time!!


Iggy Azalea’s Ex-Fiancé Nick Young Is Already Expecting A Baby

According to new reports, Iggy Azalea discovered that her fiancé Nick Young was expecting a second child with his ex-girlfriend… so she called off the wedding.


Celebs Are About To Become Invisible By Wearing This Scarf

Okay this is like the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter… but it’s a scarf and it’s real.


OMG Justin Timberlake And Anna Kendrick’s ‘Trolls’ Trailer Is Here!

The first trailer for the upcoming Trolls movie has just debuted and we can’t cope!


Calvin Harris’ Snapchat Revenge On Taylor Swift

What’s the meanest thing you can do after a breakup? Calvin Harris just showed us.


Kanye West’s New Adidas Deal Could Make Him A Billionaire

Adidas just announced that they’ve signed a contract with Kanye West that will impact the sport and street fashion world, and the superstar is set to make serious bank!


Victoria Beckham’s First Ever Modelling Shots Will Ruin Your Day

It’s hard to believe that before The Spice Girls were a thing all of girls were real humans… we know shocking right.


Keeping Up With Kylie Jenner - Reality Star Just Revealed Not So New Boyfriend!

Between her on-again-off-again relationship with Tyga and making out with Party Next Door in the rain, you’re totally forgiven for not knowing wtf is going on with KJ.