Posted: 17 October, 2016

Best pics from The Grass Is Greener #tgig

Fogarty Park on Saturday for The Grass Is Greener festival was lit.

Here are the best pics posted to Instagram.

1. If you've done work experience at Hot FM you automatically make our list, Jack. But where's your poncho?

Sorta hard for it to be lit when it's wet #juanthaballas #tgig

A photo posted by ⚜️Kara⚜️ (@jack_kara00) on


2. So much bro's. 

Little bit of sunshine, little bit of rain, whole lotta fun #TGIG #2016 🌾🌱🌿

A photo posted by David Phang (@davidphang_) on


3. Assuming everybody is wearing a seat belt.

The whole gangs here 👯 #TGIG

A photo posted by beccajane (@beclavell) on


4. Let's be honest, that's what those letters were put there for.

What a weekend ...

A photo posted by Paige Morris (@paigehannahxx) on


5. It's possible you'll have to turn your neck to fully appreciate this one. 

TGIG was good.👌🏼😌 #tgig #cairns #benson #lookas #ldru #hermitude #woolshed #gilligans

A photo posted by Virginia Leone (@vrgngrv) on


6. Nice guys give shoulder rides at festivals, everyone knows that.

The grass wasnt green for long 🎇 @bennyjonutz #TGIG

A photo posted by Raechel 🚗🚶 (@_raech__) on


7. Optimism is key. 

The rain made it better 🤗 #tgig #Lexy

A photo posted by Winnie Cairns (@winnie_hannah) on


8. Under my umbrella-ella-ella-aye.

Feelin it today 🌾🍃 #tgig

A photo posted by Rach ✨ (@rachwhiteing) on


9. Those 2 girls to the right - we'd love to know what you were being told when this was taken.

thanks grass for delivering an A+ day with these quality kids 🌱 #tgig

A photo posted by denae. (@denaeprendergast) on

10. No TGIG scenary in the background. Could've been taken at home in a bathroom. Still, over 500 likes and a #tgig makes the list. (Hot FM are offering benefit of the doubt on this occasion and asuming that this person did attend The Grass Is Greener after taking this photo).

#TGIG 😜✌🏽️

A photo posted by Hannah Mills (@_hannahcourtney) on

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