Posted: 26 October, 2016

Survivor Kristie Clears Up Rumours Of Rigged Final Challenge

"She won fair and square" - Lee

On the finale of Australian Survivor, there was a lot of speculation around whether Lee had thrown the final challenge to strategically let Kristie win immunity.

"There was a moment in that final challenge, where you Kristie looked at Lee and could do nothing but beg to win." Rove said "And that is the moment Lee threw the challenge."

"Apparently, yeah!" Lee responded with a laugh "But no, she won it fair and square. Because after she said that to me, we were standing there for another 5 minutes or so."

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"I stood like a statue for 6 and a half hours and there was no blood supply going through my hand, I went to moved and just blacked out and caved in." Lee revealed.

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