Posted: 7 November, 2016

Sam Frost's Relationship Advice Is What Every Woman Needs To Hear

After fixing up Producer Codie with a date, Sam Frost is at it again with the relationship help.

Whilst out for dinner with boyfriend Sasha and some friends, Sam overheard a conversation between a couple next to her who appeared to be on a date.

"I kind of butted in and said 'Sorry, i'm just trying to work out what's going on here, you're on a date and yet you're talking about dating other guys?'" Sam explained to Rove "And then I said to her, 'I think you're insecure about this guy, you really like him, but you don't want him to know that so you're pretending to not be interested!'"

"Guys, I nailed it! She told me I was right!" Sam continued. 

So Sam opened up the lines to anyone out there in need of a bit of relationship advice. Listener Vanessa called up with a very common relationship scenario that every woman has been in.

"He said he would call and that we would do it again and he hasn't." Vanessa told Sam "It's the second time it's happened to me. I've been on my own for 5 years and it's been really hard." 

The advice Sam dished out is something every woman needs to hear and remind themselves of! Check it out in the full video.

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