Posted: 10 November, 2016

Rove Locks Horns With Donald Trump Surrogate

Rove and Sam spoke to Donald Trump Surrogate Pastor Mark Burns about the Presidential Election outcome.

Pastor Mark Burns has recently been seen introducing Donald Trump to the stage at his rallies and partied with the man himself after being elected the 45th President of the United States last night.

"He is very loyal, he knows the people who were there with him especially when it was very unpopular to be supporting him." Pastor Mark Burns told Rove and Sam. 

Pastor Mark Burns then went on to discuss the difference in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's morals. "We're not voting on the next Pastor of the United States of America, we're voting on the next President." Pastor Mark explained.

Rove then went on to challenge Pastor Mark on quite a few contradictory comments. "So, why does one rule apply for the one guy you like and not the other person?" Rove asked.

"The blinders are on and you try to take them off to go 'look at all this other stuff' and they just don't want to hear it!" Rove vents to Sam.

Check out the full chat in the video.

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