Posted: 12 October, 2016

Scientists Finally Prove Whether Or Not It's OK To Share Your Roll On Deodorant

The results may shock you

After a heated debate on the show following Sam Frost sharing a roll on deodorant stick with executive producer Alex, Rove decided to put Alex's pits to the bacteria test!


Many people will agree that sharing a roll on deodorant stick is just gross, but what is the actual science behind it? 

You would think a person's underarm would be the most bacteria filled place on the body right? Well Rove certainly thinks so, so he enlisted a bacteria expert to run some tests.

Alex's underarm was swabbed twice, then the deodorant stick was swabbed both before and after rolling.

"On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest volume of bacteria present, Alex's underarm returned a reading of zero." Bernie revealed to Rove and Sam.

"And the test on the roll on stick actually proved to kill the bacteria after one roll!"

So it seems that communal roll on deodorant can totally be a thing.

Don't believe us, check it out in the video for yourself.

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