Posted: 30 September, 2016

Hero Doctor Saves Premature Baby After Power Outage At Adelaide Hospital


A doctor in Adelaide has saved the life of premature baby by using a hand pump to supply the infant with oxygen after the hospital's power went out in the South Australian storms. 

The doctor tirelessly pumped the infant oxygen for 90 minutes straight after the Flinders Medical Centre's backup generator had failed.

SA Health interim chief executive Vickie Kaminski praised the life-saving doctor telling the Adelaide Advertiser the infant was stabilised by their 'quick-thinking clinicians' using the manual ventilator. 

'Our clinicians at Flinders are in close contact with the family of the patient and are providing appropriate support and information to them as their child recovers.'

During the blackout, the hospital could only powere essential wards like the intensive care unit and were forced to transfer 17 patients to Flinders Private Hospital.



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