Posted: 1 December, 2016

These Are The Best Ways To Protect Your House From Break Ins This Summer

Are you protected?

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Summer means holidays down at the coast – but it can also mean leaving your house unattended for days on end.

These tips from security expert and founder of Calamity Daniel Lewkovitz will help to keep your house safe this summer while you’re away.

1. Make friends with your neighbours

Become besties with the person next door! Ask a neighbor to collect your mail for you, or have them park their car in your driveway to make it look like someone is home.

2. Upgrade your defence

Is your house secure? Recent ABS research found 60% of victims’ security had been compromised due to a faulty deadlock or loose window frame that was easily jemmied open. Consider adding a security alarm to your house.

3. Don't help conceal a thief

Thieves love houses that aren’t visible from the street!  Get rid of any bushes or shrubs near an entrance that could help a thief be hidden from a passer-by’s view. 

4. Avoid Climbing Points

Make sure there’s nothing a thief could climb onto. Toeholds such as external air-conditioners and (ironically) window grilles can help criminals gain access to upper levels.   Yes, if you live in an apartment this goes for you too!

5. Alarm and Monitor your home from wherever you are.

Don’t rely on people around you to respond to a triggered alarm.  Modern IP Monitored security systems allow homeowners to arm and disarm their alarm system, remotely open doors for visitors and even view cameras from their smartphone wherever they are.

6. Don’t advertise your valuables

Make sure to conceal any valuable or expensive items by keeping the blinds closed or moving them away from windows.  And think about what to do with your Christmas present packaging!

7. Store valuables in a safe

Make sure you’ve got an excellent safe for your valuables. Just remember, criminals know the bedroom safe likely has the jewellery in it. Consider using that as a decoy and installing a better safe somewhere they won’t look.

8. Forget traditional alarm systems and use “IP monitoring”

Move away from a traditional telephone based alarm service that can be disconnected with the cut of a pair of scissors. Choose security systems which connect to a monitoring station via the Internet and mobile networks.

9. Guard your keys

Keys are easily copied and can provide burglars with an easy access to your property. Consider an electronic locking system or a ‘restricted key’ system which makes this more difficult.

10. Don’t share your free house and cool gifts on social media

Posting photos of your wonderful holiday to social media might seem like a no brainer but advertising that you’re away from home can result in unwelcome visitors. Also don’t post photos of your expensive possessions on social media!


Tags: security, homes

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