Posted: 4 November, 2016

Your Late Night UberEATS Delivery Will Soon Be Synced With Your Trip Home

This changes everything.

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Uber is introducing some big changes that will transform the way you use the service.

They’re introducing updates to their app that will sync with your life and help you to get around faster. You’ll even be able to locate your friends when they’re out and about.

Best of all it will connect with UberEATS to ensure that your late night food delivery arrives home at the same time you do after a big evening out.

Meet the new Uber app | Uber

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Uber said in a statement, “The new Uber app learns from your routines. So if you’re a frequent rider you’ll see “shortcuts” that predict where you could be headed. This means you can get moving with just one tap. Soon you’ll also be able to connect your calendar with Uber. Once you connect, your meetings and appointments will automatically appear as “shortcuts,” saving you the hassle of digging through another app to find the right address. 

“We know that people use Uber to meet friends, whether it’s at a concert or a night out. This means your destination is often a person. But figuring out exactly where they are involves a lot of texting back and forth. We’ll soon be introducing a new feature we refer to as people are the new places that enables you to set your destination to a person instead of a place. Just sync your contacts with the app, type their name into the search bar and once they’ve shared their location, you’ll be on your way.”

The app will also include more tailored options depending on your location. 

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