Posted: 29 November, 2016 by @Nikki_Markovics

Typo Leaves Parents Peeved

Did you see the swear words on the stationary?


Mums and dad have fired up at quirky stationary chain Typo, after their kids saw expletives like the F-word, plastered across their products.

Aussie parents vented online, saying they were left 'disgusted' after finding swear words on notebooks, pencil cases, candles and beach towels – on full display in front of children.

Some of the slogans spotted instore and online, 'F**k it, let's disco' and 'S**t just got magical'.

While, a candle label read, 'Zero f**ks given' and a beach towel was printed with 'S**t yeah mermaid hair'.

One customer commented on Facebook, 'As a loyal customer of your brand I was disgusted to find some of your current products (aimed at children) to contain such inappropriate language. By no means a prude, I am deeply offended that you would use this kind of language on your products. Seriously considering deleting your brand from my children's Christmas gift list!'

Another said, 'I was disgusted by some of the items I saw in my local Typo store in Epping, Victoria. The F word displayed on multiple items in full view of children’.

In a statement, the company has agreed to do a full audit of all stores, ‘we'll also make any necessary changes to our product displays to make certain they are less prominent within the store.' 

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