Posted: 22 November, 2016 by Michelle Price

More Choose Online Shopping Over Xmas Queues

Online shopping is looking more attractive

Pic Credit: Getty Images

Pic Credit: Getty Images

Aussie shoppers are increasingly heading online to buy Chrissy gifts, avoiding those annoying long queues.

Close to half of Hit 105 listeners tell us they went online to purchase that perfect pressy in 2015.

But around 98 per-cent head in-store at some stage during the lead-up to the festive season. What that means is that shoppers tend do their research on the computer before hitting the shops and from SCA'S research that trend is expected to increase in 2016.

Research by McAfee shows that as we see advances in technology, the number of hacking cases also increases. 80 per-cent quizzed say they start using connected devices pretty much straight away.

McAfee said while a majority of Aussies know the risks associated with using laptops (74%), mobile phones (69%) and tablets (64%), they're not so worried about potential risks associated with emerging technology such as drones
(18%), children’s toys (13%), virtual reality tech (15%), and pet gifts (10%).

Another 46% respondents said they weren't sure if they were doing enough to protect their personal property.

Hot tips for you to consider include securing your device before you start using it. Only use secure Wi-Fi as using your devices, such as your smart home applications, on public Wi-Fi could leave you and your home open to risk. Figure out a strong password or PIN. Don’t use default passwords. Also check before you click. Be suspicious of links from people you do not know and always use internet security software to stay protected.

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