Posted: 2 November, 2016

Aussie Backpacker Survived Two Weeks Lost In The Jungle By Eating FERNS

Rescued from a Malaysian national park

An Australian backpacker who went missing in a remote Malaysian national park for two weeks has revealed he survived by eating wild ferns. 

Andrew Gaskell was found on Tuesday by a Malaysian search team after setting off on a solo hike up the 2,376-metre summit of Mt Mulu on October 18. 

He was transferred to hospital in a weak condition, but surprisingly his only injuries were infected cuts on his feet and bites from bugs and leeches.

"Obviously I'm quite starving but apart from that I'm really happy to be alive," he told the ABC.

"These last few days I picked up a few wild ferns from the jungle, aside from that I ate virtually nothing — I was getting weaker and weaker every day.

"By the end of it I was quite concerned I wouldn't make my 26th birthday."

Andrew also explained how he found himself disoriented while hiking.

"At the base [of the mountain] there's lots of parallel trails and creek crossings that make the track quite confusing," he said. "The sun was just setting at that time [and] I managed to get myself lost. I ended up spending that whole night just wandering and really got myself badly disorientated."

Andrew plans to continue travelling in Sarawak and Sabah once he has recovered.

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