Posted: 18 October, 2016

Student Leaps For His Life As Glass Ceiling Crashes Onto His Head


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Terrifying footage shows an Argentinean student’s close brush with serious injury after a glass ceiling nearly fell on his head. 

Pablo Onocko from Resistencia, Argentina, was caught on CCTV footage trying to close an apartment door. 

The video shows a security guard looking up and then running for cover as Pablo  attempts to run in the other direction. He then loses his footing and falls, but manages to avoid being hit by the falling glass.

"Se paró el mundo por un segundo para mí"

Pablo Onocko, estudiante breñense que salvó su vida por milagro cuando se le cayó un gran y pesado vidrio sobre sí. El temporal en Resistencia ha causado estragos, y a las 22:03:10 hs de este miércoles fue un momento especial para el joven breñense Pablo Onocko, estudiante universitario que por milagro ha salvado su vida este miércoles, cuando ingresaba al edificio donde vive en Las Heras al 700 de la capital chaqueña.


"The world stopped for a second to me," he told Las Brenas Digital.

He received some minor injuries in the incident, which took place during a major storm. 

Tags: argentina

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