Posted: 27 October, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Qantas Unveils New Logo

They’ve moved on from the 2007 version.

Tags: airline, Qantas, logo, new, design

Aussie airline Qantas have revealed a brand new logo!

Qantas’ new look is accompanied by new typography, and it looks super sleek!

The logo is one of the most recognisable in the world, and Qantas consultant designer Marc Newson says the re-design aims to retain the fundamental essence of the flying kangaroo.


“This new brand is more streamlined and the shading behind the kangaroo gives a better sense of movement and depth. A silver band now extends from the tail to the rear of the fuselage, to give a more premium feel,” he added.

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Image: Qantas Newsroom

Tags: airline, Qantas, logo, new, design

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