Posted: 20 October, 2016 by Mandy Lynch

Police Can Now Send Out Traffic Tickets Via Text Message

Just don't check it WHILE you're driving

Traffic tickets are going high-tech, with Queensland police now able to send you a ticket via MMS and email as of today.

It's a new option available instead of just relying on hand-written tickets or snail-mail.

But.. don't worry about shonky fines turning up in your inbox - you can only receive them this way from police who actually pull you over.

"If you do receive a fine via email or MMS and you haven't actually been intercepted by a police officer in Queensland, we're asking you contact your local police station or Police Link on 13 14 44," says Acting Inspector Gavin Raison.

If you're one of those people who like to pay a fine ASAP and get it out of the way, this will be a great system for you. 

The new process is voluntary, so if you don't have email or you don't want to give your details over, you'll still be mailed your ticket the old-school way.

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