Posted: 7 October, 2016 by Sohan Judge

Makeup Brand Responds After Being Slammed For Mouldy & Rusty Products

This is getting worrying.

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Popular makeup brand Lime Crime has been slammed by customers for their superfoil eyeshadow product, and now they are starting to respond to customer complaints.

In case you missed it, customers were finding dark brown/black spots in the eyeshadow pans. Since the pans are made of tin, the glycerin in the eyeshadow formula appears to be reacting with the tin, causing rust and forming mould which is incredibly unsafe for the eyes.

Not for the faint of heart. If you remember, I bought these @limecrimemakeup #superfoils a few months ago. I never put water or fix + on them and I never put a wet brush/fingers in them. I saw on another page that there were reports of mold/rust being found in the pans, and I opened mine up and all 4 had traces of mold/rust discoloration. Luckily I forgot about them so I haven't used them in a while but you better believe I'm emailing the company. I'm not slandering LC at all but as a consumer I have the right to let other consumers know to check their products for irregularities like these. Don't buy these until this situation is sorted! OH and @limecrimemakeup 's "response" is that this discoloration is normal and they're safe to use. WOULD YOU USE THESE ON YOUR EYES? Would you? Don't make me contact the FDA

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Now Lime Crime have begun responding to customers, insisting that the product is safe to use.

In fact, one of the first people who complained to the brand about the issue received a replacement in the mail which had already started to rust.

Beauty bloggers are urging fans of the brand to refrain from buying the product before the issue is totally sorted.

Lime Crime have a history of scandals regarding the safety of their products, and even security on their website. In the past they have been slammed for credit card fraud, received FDA warnings, and been questioned for the quality of their product after customers repeatedly got cold sores.

Tags: Lime Crime, eyeshadow, superfoil

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