Posted: 10 October, 2016 by @amydrewsnews

Girls As Young As 12 Being Pressured Into Sexting

The pressure to sext and send nude images to boys is affecting Aussie girls as young as 12, according to data from the eSafety Commission.

The federal watchdog has reported a sharp increase in the number of sexting complaints since July.

The Courier Mail reports, Acting Commissioner Andree Wright said young girls were increasingly being coerced into supplying naked or semi-naked images and the commissions have dealt with a number of cases of blackmail.

"There is a lot of pressure on girls once they go into those teenage years," she said.

"They don't think it's fair to be asked, by they're not in a position where they feel they can refuse."

A recent survey found 6 out of 10 teenagers have been asked for sexual images or videos.

In Australia, it is an offence to send, supply, transmit or communicate material of a person who appears to be, or is implied to be a child who is engaged in, or appear to be engaged in a sexual pose or activity.

Meantime, a Victorian man who kept sexts that his teenage stepdaughter had been sending to her boyfriend, has been convicted of possessing child porn.

The 57-year-old claimed he only kept them to alert police and wasn't happy about her sending them.

He was charged after refusing to delete several images and was sentenced to a 12-month good behaviour bond, because a Victoria County Court judge decided there was 'no suggestion of any exploitation'.

Despite the court ruling no wrongdoing, the man, who had no criminal history, will reportedly still have to comply with sex offender register requirements for eight years.

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