Posted: 21 October, 2016 by @Nikki_Markovics

Chicks Slather On Up To 300 Chemicals A DAY

Ladies don't know what's in their make-up, body washes & moisturisers.

Ladies did you know you could be slathering up to 300 chemicals onto your skin EACH DAY!

New research has found women are unknowingly appling and using a concoction of cosmetics that could be really dangerous to health.

Website Nourished Life - which prides itself on stocking toxin-free and cruelty-free beauty profucts - says 69% of women have little or no knowledge about the ingredients in the products they use.

The Hit Network spoke to CEO Irene Falcone who listed Parabens and Triclosan as the two dangerous ingredients to watch out for.

Talking about many products available on supermarket shelves, Falcone noted "women have no idea what they are applying to their face and body and that's what's alarming, they can include a large number of different toxins that can cause a whole range of damage to our bodies," she said.

b, known for its endocrine-disrupting effects was initially developed for its antibacterial use in hospital settings and is found in soaps, toothpastes and deodorants - it was even banned in the United States in September, as industry had failed to prove it was safe.

Australia’s Department of Health states that Triclosan can be irritating to the eyes, respiratory system and the skin, but it is still found in products on our shelves.

Nourished Life’s research found that 30% of women would change their beauty regime if they realised there were harmful chemicals in their products.

Their advice?

Read labels and check the ingredients and become aware of the chemicals!

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