Posted: 10 October, 2016 by Newsroom

CCTV Footage Shows Suspicious Circumstances In Cyanide Coffee Murder

The case was featured on 60 Minutes

An Australian permanent resident is accused of murdering her friend in a case that has gripped Indonesia.

Jessica Wongo is accused of murdering her friend Wayan Mirna Salihin by spiking an iced coffee with cyanide during a planned meeting in a café in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jessica denies that she had anything to do with Mirna’s death.

The high-profile trial is being televised live in Indonesia, and Australia’s 60 Minutes delved into the case on last night’s show. 

Police believe that Jessica laced Mirna’s drink with cyanide, which resulted in her death. 

In the full CCTV footage obtained by police, Jessica can be seen arriving more than 90 minutes before Mirna and another friend, Hani Juwita. She then leaves the restaurant and purchases what she said were gifts for her friends, and returns with three large bags each containing a bottle of liquid soap. The bags were placed on the edge of the table, which police believe was done to hide her actions from the security cameras.

An hour before her friends arrived, Jessica ordered an iced coffee and two other drinks and puts them behind the bags. Police allege that this is when she added cyanide to Mirna’s drink.

Moments after sitting down, Mirna is seen taking a sip of her drink. She quickly starts frothing at the mouth. Mirna died in hospital several hours later.

Prosecutors have called for a 20-year jail term for Jessica, but she continues to deny having any involvement. No cyanide was ever found in her possession.

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