Posted: 13 October, 2016 by AAP

16-Year-Old Boys Caught In Terror Sting Questioned Overnight

One of the boys was known to police.

Tags: Sydney, terror, boys, teenager, arrested

Two arrested 16-year-old Sydney boys have been questioned overnight about a counter-terror operation.

They were reportedly planning an attack with bayonet-style knives before being arrested near a prayer hall on Wednesday afternoon in Bankstown.

At least one of the teenagers has come to the attention of authorities previously for refusing to stand for the Australian national anthem while a student at East Hill Boys High School.

The ABC reports that when he was questioned over the incident he said he only stood for God and spoke about overseas military action by Australian troops.

Police wouldn't provide details of the operation but have said there is no on-going threat.

Tags: Sydney, terror, boys, teenager, arrested

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