Posted: 3 November, 2016 by Sohan Judge

COLDPLAY FANS: You Can Legit Choose Their Aussie Setlist

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Music fans will ALL know it’s an absolute dream to be able to pick the songs you hear live performed by your favourite artist. And now for fans of Coldplay, it’s a reality!

Coldplay have revealed via their website that for their Australian tour dates, they are allowing fans to vote for some songs they want to hear live!

Here’s what they said on their website…

Good morning. If you’re coming to any of the upcoming shows in India, Australia and New Zealand and there’s a Coldplay song you’d like to hear (which the band don’t usually play), then we’d love you to send us your request video. Yours might get chosen and played! Here’s what you need to do…

– Record a short video (15 seconds or less) of yourself on a plain background telling us which Coldplay song you’d like the band to play.

– Please don’t have any music playing too – just you talking.

– Don’t forget to tell us why you’d like to hear your chosen song.

– Upload your video to Instagram with the name of your chosen song as a hashtag (ie #Shiver) PLUS the appropriate show hashtag from below (only one show hashtag per post, please). Please tag @Coldplay too. If you’re going to a show in a city which has more than one show, please also tell us which date you’re going to.







Tags: music, tour, Australian, Coldplay, setlist

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